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cafe desire nsp

Great music, drinks and food at Cafe Desire

Birthdays are the best times, when you can plan a surprise party for your friend and make him or her feel special. A friend is an important part of your life and without them your life is boring and incomplete. Hence, I recently planned a surprise birthday party for my friend at Café Desire. 

Cafe Desire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Café Desire is located in NSP, Delhi. It is a perfect place to plan something amazing for your friend due to its vibrant ambience and theme. I love places where you can have amazing food and spent quality time with your friends at an affordable price. Café Desire is one of them. 

You can grab drinks, enjoy good music and even get flavoured hookah at this place. We were a group of 6 people and started off with their Signature Sex on the Beach cocktail and beer to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Then we ordered Paan flavoured hookah which is a must try whenever you visit Café Dalal Street.  

honey chilli potato at cafe desire

After toasting for our friend, we ordered something to eat. We had Classic Veg Burger, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Sandwiches and Exotic veg pizzas. The burger was rich in taste and was an absolute delight. Pizzas when served hot had a soft base and crunchy top. My personal favorite is Cajun Spiced French Fries. You cannot have your fill of them. 

pizza at cafe desire

The food smelled good and tasted amazing and fresh. If you don’t drink alcohol like my few friends, you can order shakes, Virgin Mojito and other mocktails. I had a great time with my friends there. I face no issues regarding the service. The staff helped us to plan all this for our friend. 

cocktails at cafe desire

All in all, it is a good place to hang out with your friends and have amazing food and drinks. So, go and visit this place. I would love to know about your experiences there, so share, like and comment. Hope you find this useful and worth reading. For more latest news on food and drinks, stay tuned on

image and text

Images and Text: Creating a Happy Marriage

You must have seen inspirational quotes, funny memes or business cards on various social networks, websites and online ads. What do you think these things have in common?

Yes, you are right. All these things use a combination of text and image. Whenever we talk about graphic designs, combination of text with an image is considered most important. 

Writing text on an image appears to be very easy but it’s difficult to get it right than you might expect. You don’t have to fret about it, with the tips and tricks discussed in this article, you can create and design almost any combination of text and image. 

The criteria for planning the combination of text and image are given below:-

#1: Use a Catchy Tagline along with an image

Every image and text graphic you create is an opportunity to show and tell the meaning of your tagline.

For example, red bull has an attractive tagline-“Gives You Wings”. It gives you a good idea of what they’re going for. But when the company uses photos to reinforce the written tagline, it becomes real and exciting.

Image result for red bull gives you wings

That excitement helps them maintain their market share lead. Red Bull’s brand tagline wouldn’t be the same without visual content. As per analytics, photos account for only 5% of Red Bull’s social media updates but is responsible for 90% of their engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

#2: Make Your Infographics Unique

As compared to text only posts, Infographics generate 120-180% more engagement. But to get the best results the infographic must be unique and easy to understand. 

Let’s dig deeper into this with the help of an example. Recently, Intel launched an educational campaign to inform users what they should and shouldn’t share online. 

intel twitter image

Instead of creating an infographic in a conventional way using icons, stats or graphs, Intel used a combination of text and picture to communicate their message. This helped in boosting their overall social engagement with users. 

#3: Make Your Illustration Relatable

It’s very important that you add a human touch to your illustration irrespective of what your business type is.

Even if your niche is serious, you can add a little humor in your graphic to engage your consumers. H&R Block is a tax preparation company and by sharing fun illustrations and jokes, they have managed to score 380,000 fans on Facebook.  

hr block facebook image

They have an average of over 500 engagements per post which is a great achievement for a industry majority of us aren’t usually excited to talk about. 

#4: Let Users Know What You’re Selling

At the end of the day, you are creating text and image combinations to sell your products or services. Therefore, don’t miss any opportunity to do the same. 

Show consumers what you are offering and why should they buy it from you. For example, a new outlet in New Orleans offering magnificent local fashion and cuisine decided to use a combination of text and image to drive their sales.

New Orleans offering magnificent local fashion

They used image and descriptions of unique food and products, were able to get instant response from the users. Their number of followers got doubled and engagement increased manifold. 

#5: Create Text Overlays to Connect with Customers

Combine text with images in such a manner that both your product and your customers’ sentiment match.  

Green Mountain coffee believes in this philosophy. One of their posts text- “Coffee helps me become the morning person I am not” is paired with an image of blank page and pen. 

green mountain coffee instagram image

It means that you can’t get much work done before you have coffee in the morning. This post is relatable and engaging from the point of view of users. 

Text and image used together are a force to be reckoned with. It decides whether your post will be lost in the crowd or will be able to engage consumers.   

Camp 21 Manali

Listen to Calls of Enchanting Manali Hills at Camp 21

Do you love adventure?

Yes. Then Himalayas must be on the top of your list.

Manali is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. I absolutely love Manali. For me, it was love at first sight.

But I didn’t want to explore Manali the traditional way. I wanted to try something different. That is why I chose to stay at Camp 21.

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mumbai street food

10 Mouth-Watering Street Foods in Mumbai

If you visit Mumbai and didn’t try its street food, then you are definitely going to regret it. From spicy Pani Puri to everyone’s favourite Vada Pav, Mumbai street food is a must for every traveller.

Here is the list of 10 mouth watering street food in Mumbai. Hope you enjoy this list..

Guide to Shimla

A Travel Guide To Shimla This Summer

Planning to visit India? Check out some of the cool places to visit in the Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. It is also popularly known as the”Queen of Hills”. Shimla is one of the best-weekened destinations for Indians and foreigners alike.

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central perk cafe

Choose The Dish After Your Favorite Friend’s Character At Central Perk Café

Are you a huge fan of Friends TV Series? Central Perk Café is one of the best home base spots for friends in Delhi. You get the chance to sit on the orange lounge chair and relax with your friends. It is close to the G.T.B Nagar Metro Station.

Central Perk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

You can enjoy many dishes and shakes in name of the characters in Friends TV Series.

For Example: –

  • Joey’ Pizza
  • Central Perk Fantasy
  • Phoebe Crusher
  • Ross Special Sandwich
  • Gunther Love
  • Janice OMG Burger
  • I will be there for you
  • Rachel Salad
  • Chandler’s Noodles
  • Monica’s Style Burger

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